Habeas Corpus (The Musical)
Excursions Limited proudly announces the signing of YOU????  to head the cast of our upcoming movie "Habeas Corpus (The Musical)!!! 
The Story
SCENE ONE - The Drunken Courier

Jaylee Roan arrives drunk for her meeting to drop off a pouch of stolen money. She can barely carry in the big money bag. She looks around, weaves and "MUMBLES"   She's not alone.  "I thought I told you to wear the make-up so you
wouldn't be recognized"  Kirk Rangore, the big bad guy says.  She barely slurs out the words. " I spent the money on drinks, but I didn't want to mess up the deal, so I did it without the make-up."  "They had cameras! They're looking for you RIGHT NOW! When they find you they'll connect you to me before they kill you! Then they'll come after me."  "You didn't tell me they had cameras!  What am I going to do?  What can I do? Help me know what to do!  I don't want to die!" She reels around in drunken panic and shock, slumps into a corner and begins to sing "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?"

SCENE TWO -- Into Hiding 
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